Sorry Got caught up…

Hey Everyone,
I know if didn’t make any post yesterday but I had a good reason why i didn’t. I was obtaining alot of ebooks for c/c++/C# and well yea i am sorry, I’ll try not to let it happen again. Umm I am going to be doing some heavy reading and then letting you guys know which books are better reads then others even thought every book is good for it’s own purpose kinda.

On another note training is kicking off again and I am also getting back to work on the GAP Project. I kinda have been putting it off and then working on it then putting it off again. Once i get the Admin Panel going I will be sending it to my testers to go and create errors fro me so i can debug and re-release the Panel. I might have to redesign the GAP Project AUI because I wasn’t anticipating these new features i wanted to add. So We will see. Who knows I might figure out something That will work with this AUI and save myself alot of hassle.

I am Going to bed and hope to wake up to a nice hot bowl of oatmeal :) the breakfast of champion developers. And i hope to get everything settled with my hosting site… Take care everyone and good night.


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