WP MU ~ Review

Ok, well I have tested out the MU Framework and my rating for the software is 7/10 due to the face that their isn’t a lot of upgrading ability unless you go premium. I did like using the CMS and it still kept it’s Word Press Feel in the ADMIN section so they get kudos for keeping their theme relative consistently through the whole site.

If your going to use MU you should have a purpose, like they say if your not keen on php it is best if you join wordpress.com and create a blog there to save yourself headache in the future.

I see potential for this software but like everything you want to be great  you have too work hard to make it successful. or it will flop. I personally don’t have a use for this so,  I am uninstalling it. and moving on with my life and the next project.


2 thoughts on “WP MU ~ Review

  1. What, so your leaving WordPress?

    And you have to work hard if you want things your way. That’s how life is.

  2. No, I am not leaving WordPress. I just am not going to be using the WPMU interface. I installed it and gave it a browse around and found that it isn’t for me:) I am not going to leave WordPress anytime soon Keith.

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