A Boys Writings #5

One Last Time

After forty days and forty nights the water turns to glass. clear to the sight but cold to the touch, what a marvelous thought at last. we’d lace up our skates, un-hang our jerseys, grab a stick and a puck, pull out the nets and crack a joke or two. The smiles the laughs the fun times we shared. The fights the struggles the painful glares. wins and losses decided by fate turned a once simple game into a painful shuraids. Victorious we come, after this long cold blustorious day, sipping on hot chocolate in the hall of noname


Truth within my head

Once it came true, I blew it through
trying to find out my mistakes.
What i never wanted, I became
and I know it will happen again.
this time it will be with you.
with you i dream, I think,
I’m myself again, but when I see the one
that came true. I look at my loyalty,
am I really for you?



Weighted down, Poked Upon
Showing alll my authors thoughts
light as a feather, heavy like the mind
Smart. Brilliant, Artistic
but what am I?


No fear

no fear, for I am here
stretching from ear to ear
offering all i can
always lending a helping hand


My heart speaks

A wish is a wish
a dream is a dream
but you are my  reality.


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