‘Arry, you magical person you!

This is Keith with a review on… you guessed it, the magical mysitcal “chosen one” Happy Potter. With out further a due… We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of hogwarts. Because, because, because, because, all of the weird evil he thwarts.

I just went to see the recent movie “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” and must say booooo. I have been a fan since the first book and was truly excited to see this movie. Man was that to much to ask.

With the plot being so back and forth concerning Malfoy’s itinerary, there wasn’t much room for the kind of action that one expects from a Harry Potter movie.

The main focus was the “love” aspect that does get setup for the next 2 movies. I sort of thought that the movie genre border lined romance with fantacy. There was so much sexual tension, you could only realise that this was “the age” for such thoughts. Oh wait, they ARE just 16.

I was most disappointed when I realised that there was only ONE quidditch match. Quidditch is one of the essential parts of being Harry Potter. He’s able to fly a broom very nicely. Not only that, he was the CAPTAIN. No signs of a little struggle with such a role.

I will say, that the little action that there was, it was a great scene. If I ever buy the DVD, it will be purely for this scene, or to have the collection. There was surprise, and confusion. It makes for a wonderful and frightened character. Dumbledore and Harry played this scene quite nicely. And it was a perfect way to get away from the huge romance plot that still lingered after the scene.

In my opinion, this probably is the worst of the series, in terms of films, thus far. I hope that the next 2 (yes, they are splitting up the last book) films are better, for a fan’s sake.

Rating **


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