50th B-Day

Today my Aunt Penny celebrated her 50th Birthday. It actually went well for once. That is a family get together. My family get together tend to be quite violent and usually kinda unbearable. anyways their was pizza, chicken, chips, pop and beer. the makings of a great B-day.

Now myself I just got back from Saskatchewan a few weeks ago so i haven’t seen Jays new baby or Kelly’s new boy toy. So It felt a little strange to be back with the family. Things went smooth so i was asked questions about Saskatchewan, and I told stories. It was a great. Although I did have one issue one of these redneck losers, that i am not related to but decided to come anyways over heard that I had a gay couple over to my house for drinks and he asked if I torchered them… stupid homophobic redneck. They were my guest why in the hell would I ever do that to my friends.

My brother is a redneck so that is why I am aloud to use this term loosely so please don’t be too much offended. Because if you get offended over my last comments then really look at yourself.

Now besides the redneck it was a really good evening, and I enjoyed myself and was glad to see that my aunt finally made it to 50, and i hope I never do. :) I want to stay young for ever. Although that dream is only but a dream. anyways I am going to go watch Quantum of Solace  and work on GAP Project. I’ll have another post soon enough of something random. Maybe some more poems. :) take care fellow readers.



6 thoughts on “50th B-Day

  1. god damn! i hope she dies soon that pretty damn old.. :S

  2. Well my grandparents are in their 70’s so it isn’t that old compared to them and Grandpa Smith lived into his 90’s as well a few of my Great aunts and uncles did too.

  3. But it has nothing (or very little) to do with Genetics and almost everything to do with lifestyle.

  4. keith When you come back I am going to have to show you something that will make you re comment on your last statement.

  5. Nature vs. Nurture. The debate continues as Ethics get stronger and tougher for experiments. I take Nurtures side for now.

  6. I take the side that always wins :P that way i can never loose.

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