Summer Half Past

Wow, I cannot believe summer is half way over already.  I have barely done anything. Like I planned that I would go hiking and jump off at cliff into a water fall. My mother wouldn’t allow me to go hiking because she is afraid I will get mauled down by a bear or something. But then again in the woods behind my house the largest animal is a deer so I doubt that I am going to die any time soon. So I was just playing call of duty 4 relaxing and just enjoying myself until Nathan Called me up. Nathan sounded like he seen a tall bloomer ghost. The Conversation went something like this.

Nathan: Hey Carlos is this you. There was a panic in his voice.

Me: Yea man it’s me, whats wrong?

Nathan: Dude summer is almost over!

me: No Nate it isn’t it just started a couple weeks ago. We still have a whole. Nathan interrupted me.

Nathan: CARLOS, Summer is Half over. dude we need to go and actually like well you know.

I started thinking and calculating the date and when school started again.

ME: Fuc*, I understand. Wanna Come over to my house.

Nathan: Ok I’ll get a ride from my mom I’ll be over in half an hour. k?

Me: yea ok, see you soon.

So you can Kinda see how everything is turning out Eventually the Yellow Cavalier pulls up and out pops this extremely athletic skinny kid. lol yea i know it is kinda a contradiction there but if I had a picture you would understand. We and up trying to figure out how we are going to spend our  summer. So far we haven’t really come up with a solution just to let you know. But we are working on it, we have come up with some creative ideas like fix my gokart, or make a spud launcher, :) I guess we will see.

We will keep you updated on our plans to make this the most awesome summer ever.

Carlos Muir


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