Unwanted Drama

July 22, 2009

Sitting in my room alone, typing just as I have before. but the only different this time is I was upset. I started to experience Teenage drama. Something I have been trying to avoid for the last lear and  a half. But i guess in the end everything catches up to you.

My name is Jenna, I am 16 and I love adorable pets, like puppies and kittens. I am not in academic classing but In applied. Hey don’t make fun of me. at least it isn’t essentials. Anyways today Tori my best friend  started some argument about me trying to steal her boyfriend. Yea umm I don’t like him or any guy at all. No I am not Lesbian but I am just not interested in the male genetic code at the moment. Obviously Tori doesn’t understand. she has always had a boy toy since grade 3 I think.

Now back to the story Tori is freaking out on me and I really don’t understand why so as a girlfriend I try to comfort her and try getting her to change the subject, it’s not working. She keep rambling on how I am jealous and such and It is just really annoying. So I turn off my computer  and lay in my bed. As I lay all alone I try to gather all my thoughts weather good or bad and place them on an imaginary table then sort them out.

Few days go by and tori has given me the silent treatment thing. ugh this high school drama is not for me. I wish I knew how I could Over come this. Maybe one day Tori will brighten up and realize that I just don’t care about her boyfriends and that I care more about her they anyone else.

Jenna Reendith


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