Merry Christmas In July

That was this years theme to the Bondy family reunion, but really what does this term mean?

I did quite some research and come to a conclusion it is a shopping holiday.

In many western countries, July has a minor number of marketing opportunities. In the United States and Canada, there are no national holidays between the first week of July (Canada Day on July 1 in Canada and the Fourth of July in the United States) and Labor Day, leaving two months with no holidays. Those holidays are not ones where gifts are exchanged between loved ones. Therefore, to justify sales, shops (such as Leon’s in Canada) will sometimes announce a “Christmas in July” sale.

Now to get back to the family reunion. No i didn’t manage to get the Bondy Reunion Horseshoe trophy but I did manage to talk to some cousins I haven’t seen in a few years do to my neglect to show up at the reunions because of work. Yea i know poor excuse but an excuse none the less. Now I have two more  family reunions left this summer. The next one is going to be a riot. Usally their is a huge brawl every year. I am hoping this years will still be entertaining.

Besides that I have started working on my PHP Browser base game engine. Which I will be using for my tutorial. I am going to build the basic infrastructure then build a community with the game and allow them to decide the major development. I figure this will save me on having to be 100% creative and maybe only 60%.


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