One more Day

Today has been exciting and eventful. My older cousin Cory stopped by with his new girlfriend. She is a little taller then me but they both are within the same class together. It is as though the almost complete each other. I have been thinking to myself a lot and getting my brain all knot tied and confused. Mostly over formulas and such but I think in time it will be OK.

So I am sitting in this chair in the livening room  just staring into a bright light that flickers 60 times a second lol, maybe i have it set to 70 but still, I am surprised I still have 20/20 vision. I don’t sleep and I stare a a computer screen for days on end. I feel like a kid again.

Besides that I am just waiting for my new Drivers license to come in the mail. I really hate looking like I am 16. I mean it really gets to be a piss off when your getting carded because you look like your in grade ten :S. I am starting to Look older now then again I threw away all my kids clothes and started dressing more appropriate for certain occasions. I spent a week in Toronto partying and guess what… I never got ID’d but now i am Back home I can’t do FA with it. jeez i hate living in the middle of the country.

I am going to get back on working on the new Battle System for AzureGale so Ill post something later. and everyone check out Keith’s blog this week. His latest article is pretty interesting.



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