Over My Sholder

Hey readers, sorry about my incoherent the last few days. the truth is i have been  working on my browser base game and it has really been eating my blog time up with fixing errors and bugs. I hope you all may forgive me and hope to help by continuing to read my articles. I am still going to try and post once a day although they may be small postings because well other then for building my game and training at midnight I am really involved as one might say with the world around myself.

I have a few good articles which i probably will write about mostly relating to gaming and the theory behind them. Aswell i have a few people that try to keep my life interesting  like this annoying kid who is obviously obsessed with me and is wanting attention. Ill tell you more about that some other day.

Anyways today i manage  to completely screw up my log in system with the new battle system upgrade. So after spending the entire day on it i realized if i just went back to basics I would be fine and well now it is fixed :P I am hoping to have Potions and the in game forum up tomorrow some time that way players can provide input with out having to email me.

have a good night everyone… I am exhausted and Happy to be able to pass out night.



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