What is a BBG (Browser Base Game)?


A browser game is a video game that is played on a web browser. It is distinct from other video and computer games in that it typically doesn’t require any client-side software to be installed, apart from the web browser. There are games that rely solely on client-side technologies such as JavaScript or common plugins such as Java or Flash Player, whereas some employ server-side scripting. The latter case consists typically of (massively) multiplayer games or simple two-player board games where the user plays “the (server) computer” as an opponent such as early online versions of Reversi, whereas the client-side games are typically single-player games. A game played in a browser is often called a browser-based game (BBG).[1]

Here is a list of insipration games that i beleive are the leading competitors in the BBG Industry.


(If you have any other you would like me to add to this list or have me consider to add to this list please leave a comment with the address of the games, and the name too.)


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