The First 2 Are Always the Busiest

So I just came out of the first two weeks of university. Let me tell you, I may have more stress than a prof! I am on many different committees and in the last 2 weeks, I have run more than 10+ different events/placed in meetings. Plus, I had all 9 class slots and my job setup.

I am very thankful that I have a roommate that decide to pick the place across the street of the University. He’s a really great guy. He’s also in my program. It make everything easier, so if one of us gets stuck, I know he more than likely can help me.

So the first week was the Week of Welcome. It’s pretty much a whole week of events. I didn’t do too much on the first day because my buddies were doing stand-up comedy up town. It was a pretty good show, it was a donation after event type deal. Wednesday was a pretty stressful day because it was campus groups day. I am on 2 student groups, Medical Physics Course Union and the new Pre Med Society. No one had set up a table so I signed both groups in and setup 2 tables next to each other. I waited 45 minutes and then gave up. Then I found out the  Pre Med society had set up a different table at a different place. So I floated over there. Then I called the President of the MPCU and we ended up setting a table on the other side of the Quad (4 buildings enclosing a small grass field). So i was going back and forth between the 2 tables for a good 3 hours.

I was asked to help Marshall the Parade ‘n’ Picnic and so I had to do the “training” on Thursday. Friday was the Parade ‘n’ Picnic. The Klix, Girl Talk and K’naan all played at the Picnic. I didn’t mind the Klix, though they played “Cry me a River” at the event. I don’t want to hear depressing music at a fun event. I really enjoyed K’naan. NO complaints to is name. Girl Talk made me quite angry and I do say people think he’s great for no good reason. The guy mashes songs. I can mash songs. I took 5 minutes after the event and made a 10 second clip with Lady Gaga and Micheal Jackson. Not only that but he offended me, and was surprised that no one else was offended. Just a note, I pay 3-4 times more money for my education than my brother who is in college. And this is what struck me the most. Girl Talk called the crowd College People. If I was a college person, I would not be attending an event for Ryerson UNIVERSITY. If he is american, I expect that he keeps up with the lingo when he travels across the border. We have a distinct difference between the 2 institutions.

So this week has been busy too. I am on the sustainability committee and the Drop Fees commitee. Both of them had meetings this week. I was also asked to be on the Department of Physics Council. Needless to say I am now 1 of 3 undergrad representatives.

I watched a Canadian film this week. It was the very sad and I left very effected. The movie is Polytechnique. I was about the school shooting in the Quebec school of Polytechnique 20 years on December. The shooter discriminated against girls. He went into an engineering class room and separated the males from the females. He released the males before shooting the females while calling them feminists. The day after I found myself counting the number of females in my Modern Physics class and found that almost half of us were females.

Friday night was great. We held a small pub night at the Rye in the Ram and hopefully they made enough money to subsidize the ski trip that I am going on before January classes resume.


One thought on “The First 2 Are Always the Busiest

  1. At the college comment. Keith in the states College is equivalent to University as such Community college is our college. and the is iv league schools like Harvard and such.
    but i will agree that they should learn the different lingo between borders.

    Thant film was very emotional for myself too. it is good to hear about your first two weeks can’t wait to hear more :)

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