Ahead or Behind

I once read that to live the life of a programmer you should learn one language a year. If that is so Am I behind or ahead. I guess my starting of programming was back about 5 years ago. So in theory I should have about 5 languages in my knowledge.

Now in order for a language to could I must have good knowledge on the language and be able to use it to support anyone of my needs. Now I can technically say I can use everylanguage becasue they all tend to follow the smae strucuring But of course i Cannot add that as a valid excuse.

Turing, Yes it is a really basic language one I find good to teaching younger one the principals of programming. It has all the features and capabilities that students need, plus it has OOP  so I beleive it is good for foundation training.

HTML, There is always a long debate whether HTML is a programming language or not. It is a markup language… That is all i am going to say. As well with HTML comes CSS, and XML…

I have a foundaton grasp of C, C++, PHP, Python, and JQuery

SO with in my next year I should have all the mention above completed and well known. With a total of 8 at the end of my year mark :) but at the moment I would say I have  fully grasp knowledge 3 -4. With the other 5 about to be at that mark.

So I guess I would be considered behind. But I bet for all those guys that just specialize in just one language I am one or two up on them :)


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