Dove’s Perch

When I look to the sky,
There I can see.
A set of eyes,
Staring upon me.

Walking to the hills,
Where I seem to lay.
When everything is still,
That’s when I say.

To the one I love,
That I will always be,
Like the peaceful dove,
Perched on her tree.

I tell her it’s for her,
That I wrote this poem.
That this isn’t a blur,
It’s not my hearts roam.

Then she looks into the eyes,
Of a simple bird,
Which never cries,
But she says no word.

As the flock goes,
I will always lay,
On the perches nose,
Where nothing stays.

One thought on “Dove’s Perch

  1. Wow Keith, That is deep.

    Very good poem buddy.

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