October 5th, 2009

Today started out really horrible, I almost dislocated both of my arms from falling down my stairs. They are the really small stares that are like half the size of your foot and they have no lip so it is very easy to slip on them.

Besides that I got some much needed sleep and I managed to get some more work on azuregale done. Tomorow I will be working On World of Phaos and releasing it with a new layout look. Honestly Now everything is coming own to priorities, and I am having trouble determining which game I want to continue as a full project. The one where I help make Zeke Walkers dream a reality or my own game that I want to use for learning purposes…

I always say when life gives you lemons you go and make apple juice, meaning do what is unexpected but what is still right. The thing most people would think of me to do is to help zeke then work on my own project. But I just don’t know if I can do that. My word of advice for anyone is WHen you start your games don’t take on more then you can chew.

I can handle working with both of these games, The only problem if it is a problem is that both games are completely designed differently with variables ad such. Also I have opened a sourceforge project for azuregale. you can easily get there through the Dev section on the azuregale website.

So again and alas I am stuck with a decision because I know I need to do this. I will update everyone when I have made my decision. But as for now I am left undecided.

All that gaming junk aside Things seem to be going well for my college applications and such. I have made my selection and I am proud of it. Software Engineering Here I come :P


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