Sorry Once Again

Hey everyone sorry about not posting in such a long while I have been really busy and such. I will include a list below with what I have been doing which is a quick summary of this entire message.

Total Overview

  • Partying
  • Recording Studio updates
  • AzureGale Doubts
  • Html Generator script
  • PC sucks Mac Rocks but Free is the Best.

Firstly I have been going to bars/clubs/etc. for a few bands/artist I am working with. One of the bands is Intra Meridian, They are a pretty sweet “Classy Rock” band. I would suggest anyone to just go and google them if you are feeling a little edgy. Aswell I have been trying to get my Tascam FW-1884 working with Brian’s computer but it doesn’t seem to be working  so tomorrow We are going to try one or two more things to see if it is working and if the conclusion is a fail then I will be bringing everything with my Mac and Garageband and recording student artist from all over the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) maybe even farther if I get enough hype.

Secondly I have scraped the current AzureGale Project for something more atainable and within the graps of one developer with no graphical skills and who cannot write a single story or piece of plot for the game. I am still continuing with the devellopment but as for right now I am removing all the bugs and monitoring all the little detials in hopes for an official corny release on January first and from there I will be adding or Maintaining, or Fixing 1-2 things a week because of school, moving, work… etc.

Right now Axuregale only has 5 members all who are not me and are apart of the games development in a sense where they can offer ideas and such. So some of the now changes for the new year will include races,classes*maybe*, Guilds, Shops, Poitions, Food.

I feel that removing some of the structure I have right now should increase the development and the functionality of the game itself. I am going to try and work on the RPG aspect but I my skills are limited in a sense since I am alone on this project.

Now back to important matters I have been working on different database builds for some framework Ideas I have. Aswell I am also creating a XHTML Scripting language from php so to avoid all that overwriting of those long DOC tags, and such I am comming up with some very easy to work with syntax that will allow you to build your websites in a faster means of time. It is a little un refined for a html generator but here is a little bit of the basic syntax.

    include_once 'htmlgen.php';
            title("HTML SHORT CODE GENERATOR");
        <h1>Welcome to my life</h1><?php     

Not to pretty huh? Well like i said it is a little unrefined.


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