Long time no… Type??

Hey readers,

The past few week’s have been busy for me. I have see that keth has been throwing up his science stuff while I was away. Good work on laymening up those theory’s Keith :)

I am now an official College Boy… I am taking software Engineering and I love my program so far except the fact I have to work with Microsoft based applications and languages such as C# which is just Microsoft’s own version or an attempt of a version of Java. Ugh! Stupid Microsoft, When will you learn that if you restrict users access to most of the operating systems files you would have alot less viruses. Kinda like how Mac does it except it would be very flawed because it would be a MS product.

That is enough bashing of Microsoft and their products… For now at least.

So here is a list of my courses.

  • College Communications 175  (English)
  • Canadian and International Buisness
  • Comp 100 (Programming 1) <!– We are using C# –>
  • Comp 120 (Software Engineering Intro)
  • Comp 122 (Database Structures and Concepts)
  • Math 175 (Functions and Number Systems)

Wow what a load of work :).  This is so much better then secondary school (high school) I get to practically go to school to work on computers. Sure some of my classes are annoying because we HAVE to use bogus Microsoft office applications as our tools which I am Ok, but when I have to buy a book for 150$ to teach me what I already know about MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio, etc. Then that is where I should draw the line.

So my first week was really fun, stressful but fun. I am hoping to to get some of my financial stuff figured out. I am enjoying my time though. The local commute of two hours each way is not the most appealing aspect. But It is hard to find a place affordable enough for a student in Downtown Toronto, or even Scarborough.

SO this was a random posting but alas I must be ending it to go back to my studies. Take care everyone and as always I am lloking forward to hearing your comments.


One thought on “Long time no… Type??

  1. It’s about time you got an education….

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