Canada Vs. Slovakia (18 – 0) 2010 Winter Games

This is a great display of true Canadian women’s hockey. Hockey is Canada’s National sport and our women’s team proved how much we care of our National Treasure.

First Period

1min 39sec – Haley Irwin (Canada)
3min 6sec – Tessa Bonhomme (Canada)
(PP-1) 5min 38 sec – Meghan Agosta (Canada)
(4 on 4) 8min 21sec – Carla Macleod (Canada)
11min 34sec – Meghan Agosta (Canada)
15min 9 sec  – Gina Kingsbury (Canada)
16min 20sec – Colleen Sostorics (Canada)


The first period Canada out flanked  Slovakia, with an astounding 5:1 shooting ratio. Slovakia seems to be doing a man to man positioning in the low end of the ice. Which seems like a very inefficient setup against the Canadians speed and force.  Agosta seems the be a very skilled player on the Canadians side working the Slovakians defence I expect great things in During the Second.


Second Period

3Min 42sec – Sarah Villiancourt (Canada)
(PP-1)7Min 21sec – Marie-Philip Poulin (Canada)
10min 19sec  – Meghan Agosta (Canada) – HatTrick
(SH -1)12min – Jenna Hefford (Canada)
(SH -1)12min 44sec  – Caroline  Ouellette (Canada)
16min 42sec – Carla Macleod (Canada)


As we enter into the 2nd intermission this last period was another exciting matchup, Agosta received her first  hat trick of the 2010 games and Macleod is on her way two her first ending the period with two goals. Shots Ratio (Can/Svk  12 – 2)

The girls are getting tired and we will see what each team is made of in the next period.


Third Period

4min 23sec  – Jenna Hefford (Canada)
4min 37sec  – Haley Irwin (Canada)
6min 54sec – Cherie Piper (Canada)
11min 3sec – Jenna Hefford (Canada) – HatTrick
12min 52sec  – Gina Kingsbury (Canada)

wow this final period was just the icing on the cake. Hefford managed to get her first 2010 Olympic Games. Canada is displaying great effort as well as confidence. We as a nation are always expecting these types of results from our own, but we must always be consider the mental and physical strain these games will bring amongst the athletes. Good luck girls on the rest of the Preliminary Rounds.


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