Sitting in class

Today I am sitting in class in fear of the darkness. What is the dark? Where and When will it come? These are questions I often ask myself. Now I am not talking about the absence of light type of darkness but the darkness that affects and cripples the hearts, minds and souls of the wondering idiot. (A wondering idiot is a term used to describe the a man)

The angel that sits besides me only opens my eyes to how soon the darkness can come. It has the possibility of consuming us all in the passion of rage and hate. So why stay? That is another question I ask myself. The answer is based upon two opinions. First is of what will happen when I go home, Secondly what will happen when I leave the angels side. These two conflicting matters really can eat away ones heart.

My eyes are barely able to focus and this slight empty feeling surrounds me, it’s starting to encase around my precious heart. So what am I to do, Should I stay and prepare for the darkness or should I go and try to hide…

From: A wondering Idiot.


2 thoughts on “Sitting in class

  1. Quite interesting to read your post…like the emotion that you express in your writing.

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