In the light of the Chatters Moon.

The last few days have been really something, or at least i would like to think they have been eventful. by eventful I mean eating sleeping and chatting it up on Facebook, Msn, and MyYearBook. (Laugh Out Loud)

I know it has been a while since I last wrote and I am truly sorry for that readers but I have the worlds greatest excuse. I was focusing on my school studies. :) pretty EPIC excuse eh? Seriously I am sorry for my tardiness and will try to stop being just a lazy ****. So tonight I am writing a pretty decent size post for the world to read especially you who are my devoted readers. So tonight I will be talking about OMS and the direction it is heading towards. AzureGale gaming development/progress and lastly just some random stuff which will allow me to express my personal feelings.

So to start with the mushy feely personal expressive stuff that everyone has come to read. I am a boy that has had his heart broken many times over the year. “Awe it will be ok.” they say. It will be ok, is quite an understatement how can a boy that has lost his ability to trust women be ok? how can he ever find a passionate relationship that will keep his heart full and at ease? This boy will have to settle because to mend a broken heart. Well some advice I was given was to just go out and screw around until you find the right one. Sure that would be a great Idea but I am not that much into sex and I really don’t want to increase my chances of getting STI’s. So what am I to do? Maybe I will just wait until I find the one or maybe I will settle for seconds best. Either way I am fu*ked when it comes to relationships. Maybe the boy will never love again, but maybe the man will.

Today I became a chat god, I know that is a bold statement but it is the honest truth. I never like talking over messengers or chat programs because they feel a little too impersonal and well I just do not like them. So tonight I managed to keep well over 20 conversations going with very little personal confusion. I am proud of myself keeping conversations with different people, from different lifestyles and leaving on good and i mean really good terms with them. Maybe this is what Social networking is really about. Who would have guessed that I became a champ in only but a mere few hours.

Oh have my Msn Messenger on and i just had an email pop-up show and ti was from playboy… Go figure. :)

Besides that I am doing fine in school, my programming midterm i got 100% and well the rest were what they were pretty good too. Projects and assignments are getting more challenging and I am finding it harder to want to complete them. I need to just refocus and prioritize my self once more.

Now to talk about OMS (This blog), it has come to my attention that this blog is very random as to which is on it but it seems to be a good place for Keith and Myself to express ourselves. We are now opening up the blog in ways that others can join in and add their life stories and emotions to our pot of mixed thoughts. It is really is a magical place to play around in. So I would like to welcome Sarah our newest contributor to the OMS team :)

And lastly for AzureGale, We are just finishing up some touches on the graphical feel and moving all the items into a single image map for faster overall loading of items. We are also working on the background Class Diagram Models playing with designs and making them interact with each other in a physical and mental nature. We are looking to have a release of a Combat system, Banking system, Gambling systems, and much more when we have our beta release. But as of right now We are in ALPHA stages and it is a lot of work but in the end we feel that our hard work will have paid off.


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