Another few days have passed by

The last couple days have been good to me. I spent some time with Jessica. She has gotten so much bigger since i have last seen her a month or so ago. :) I also found out her daughter’s name will be Leah. It is a very nice name. I also have put in some time on Heart of the Swarm. Mostly in the arcade though. I have played “Squadron Tower Defense”. It is a pretty good game. I like the concepts behind it and the fluid game play. Definitely worth your time to understand and play.

I also have crashed a lot. I am meaning in the sense stay up all night and am out cold all day. My aunt whom I rent a room from had been concerned for my health a bit. in her words this is what she said. “I am not used to your schedule. I honestly thought you had MONO or stayed up all night”. I love my aunt but really mono was your only other option for me…

Besides that I watched “Rose” the first episode of Doctor Who the 2005 Series. Christopher is still my favorite of the new doctors only because his time was so short and he really was the first compassionate doctor. David and Matt are great, They bring their own unique individuality to the role but there was a reason Christopher was the actor chosen to play the first season. Now Chris, I wish you would have done a second season.

Beside that not too much has really been going on. Today I will be hanging out with my friend Tiffany and hopefully I can play a game of Triad with Joel, Tiffany and Ashley tonight. It is the card game they play in BattleStar Galatica. I am looking forward to this.

Until my next post which will probably be either on my travel to work Tuesday evening or once I settle down in my room at camp. :) A short shift, only 7 days. Yeah I know my next 2 pay checks will be less than I’d like but I’d rather work then be at home making pennies a day with Neobux ;)



2 thoughts on “Another few days have passed by

  1. Just sent you a tweet J.P. :)

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