Today I drove myself to the airport with a company van. It was a really beautiful ride. Majestic scenery and beautiful sunset in my rear view mirrors. I never expected northern Alberta being beautiful. I guess god is still surprising me, showing me the endless beauty of his creation. Course I was tuning into a country station and there were a few songs that had kind of put me on an emotional ride for a brief section of my ride. Honestly, I am thankful that I am where I am. The women that came and went, sadly weren’t the right ones for me. I know it isn’t the greatest idea to close doors. These doors though are roads to destruction now. Unless they are willing to change and break from their bad habits I’ll not be with them.

That aside, I am about to fly home from YMM Terminal. Yeah, Fort McMurray… This airport is very small and with the amount of customers that pass through these doors daily the really need to expand their airport soon. I k now they have renovations underway that will make the airport larger but really until it is finish this place is like a tuna can. Wet, small, and cramped full of filthy bacteria. The mosquito’s are rather annoying also. The all need to just leave me alone.

I will be home in 7 hours roughly, It makes for a rather long night. The only benefit is that I am crossing over time zones so I will be gaining two hours. So I get to start tomorrow earlier then I would be able when I am working. Although I do start my days out here at 4:30am most days. So that is 6:30am at home. I will try to adjust my alarm clocks so. I am hoping to get some early nights in this week. I also need to go back to the gym. I started this week at work and I will continue with the path. I will go in the mornings though that way I can keep my waking up early schedule and then if I need a nap or something it would be better to do so after I workout.

We will be boarding the plane soon. I hope everyone has a good night
Stay Safe

J. Poisson


One thought on “HomeAir

  1. Hope you had a nice restful flight home Jeremy. Lol@”like a tuna can” and @”They all need to just leave me alone.” I miss your vivid way of expressing yourself and your killer sense of humor so much. Among many other things of course, lol. Can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow evening. :)
    Stay safe indeed,

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