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Negligence is the only word one may use for the lack of communication with this blog. Many different factors that keep this author preoccupied. Very hard to explain what what those factors are but trust that they’re not at all worth mentioning. Luckily this author has been contemplating a lot on his mind lately and will hopefully have much to write very soon. At least maybe do a picture per day kind of thing, Possibly?

Working here in the northern part of Alberta has opened blinded eyes and allowed for perception on how the world works to be understood. It is a shame for me to think that I am such a small part of this world. Unfortunately my gifts are ones that would make me world famous but I am sure they will allow me to have a successful and happy life style. I hope one day my children will be proud of their father and possible take his words of wisdom. My mistakes or experiences have definitely carved the man behind these words. So much more to live and learn. Think about if every human had 100 years to live. Clearly we don’t all have that fortunate gift to bestow upon us. How would you spend 100 years though? How would you live your life any different? Would love be in the foreseeable future or just casual fun?

Time truly is relative, the wibbly wobbly kind. When a life is being enjoyed, time is displaced and seems to speed up. When life isn’t as enjoyable time slows to a halt so that we may feel and understand the pain. There has only been one time in my recorded life that I have seen time stop in a moment of happiness and excitement. Unfortunately when that moment ended time jumped into fast forward to catch up with itself. That instance was back when my high school football team won our first championship in over ten years. The last 30 seconds slowed down to a mere 5 – 30 minuets where time just stopped and the team was able to celebrate and reflect on the hard fought game. Course when the game finished time raced by so fast the party afterwords is somewhat a blur.

I really do get a lot of time to reflect at work. So much time I spend being alone. I really don’t go out of my way to socialize which is probably not a good thing. I am up here to work and make the finances I need to get to where I am suppose to be. It becomes a bit harder with each rotation working up here. I become slowly more lonely and desperate. Luckily I do have standards, although I probably haven’t followed them in some time. It is hard to find someone that truly fulfills all my needs. If you don’t want to be loved, if you don’t want a man that will do everything in his power to try to please you every moment you’re together. I am not the man for you. Seeing someone that i truly care about expressing joy and being happy gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction. I wouldn’t call myself a Empath but I really do have a gift where I can feel others emotions. 

I am going to go back to sleep, I have only a few hours before i go back to work. :) On the bright side I am going to be home on Wednesday. :)

Stay Safe,

Jeremy Poisson

Get rich quick?

It seems like today everyone is looking for a scheme to get rich quick. In all fairness this is something i casually browse around doing this too. I am not looking for a get rich quick scheme but I am looking for something i can invest a bit of time in to it and maybe have it produce future revenues for me. Clearly there isn’t anything called free money. Two things I am attempting are NeoBux, and CoinGeneration. Neobux is a PTC a “Pay To Click”. Continue reading